Our Strategy

Sycue Technologies Inc. was founded in April 2016 as a credit repair service for low-income individuals looking for financial guidance and assistance. We have over ten years of experience in repairing people’s credit, helping them acquire loans, security, financial assistance, and more.

With our services, we aim to maximize the credit repair industry and desire to change people’s lives by helping them get out of the financial setback they’re experiencing. Here’s what we guarantee with our services.

  • Timely Services
  • Long-Term Partnership
  • On-Going Communication

We’re At Your Service

Begin your credit repair process with trust and confidence! Our packages are clear, simple, and convenient.

We offer a free consultation to individuals with low/high credit scores along with exclusive coaching for startups. While our startup fee is NON-REFUNDABLE, we have a 30-day refund policy if you're not satisfied with our services.

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I appreciate the professional approach to every client and every case that is absolutely unique. Your tech support team is one of the best out there, as well as the terms and conditions. I will recommend it to everyone!

Jonathan Lee

Jonathan Lee

May 25, 2017

Nothing bothers you more than the safety of the money that you have been saving forever. Well, here you will find how to keep it safe and sound, and how to track the expenses and the income with no hassle. Thanks to the staff!

Helen Smith

Helen Smith

April 17, 2017

Thank you for the impeccable service and excellent customer care program! I was worried about the details and and percentage, but your representative was quite patient and loyal while working with my account. Would recommend!

Mary Walker

Mary Walker

March 12, 2017